Frequently asked questions

Kombucha in 100% natural, refreshing, naturally carbonated and lively drink, which is produced by a process of natural fermentation of specially selected sweetened green tea mushroom Kombucha – a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, which has a very characteristic refreshing taste. It is rich in probiotic crops and various nutrients. This drink has been used in many countries around the world for centuries as a traditional means of enhancing detoxification and improving overall health. Its popularity is constantly growing, and according to studies in Germany and Russia, the ingredients of the fungus have strong antibiotic and purifying properties.
During the 14-day fermentation period, kombucha “eats” (processes) sugar and uses the nutrients found in green tea to create a unique, delicious drink that improves digestion, peristalsis, liver, kidney and glandular function. internal secretion.

“The green Tea kombucha from DALVITA is without added sugar and soda, so you can enjoy the true taste of a healthy and healthy drink.”

– Useful probiotic bacteria S. thermophilius, L. acidophilius

– Enzymes (lactase and invertase)

– Vitamin C

– Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12

– Riboflavin

– Gluconic acid

– Glucuronic acid

– Lactic acid

– Folic acid

And many other useful substances in balanced quantities.

Due to its rich composition of organic acids, vitamins, enzymes and probiotic bacteria Kombucha Green Tea from DALVITA is an ideal helper for detoxification, improving the functioning of the pancreas, liver and kidneys, acts as a mild laxative, balances metabolism, eliminates unwanted fat deposits.

Kombucha is produced by fermentation of sugar, green tea and symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, during which the sugar is processed by yeast and bacteria, and minimal amounts of glucose and fructose remain in the drink.

Kombucha Green Tea from DALVITA can be drunk in the amount you want, at any time and by anyone, without age restrictions, except for children under 3 years and pregnant women, as a refreshing drink useful for your body. It is best not to give to children under 3 years and as well as to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Kombucha Green Tea from DALVITA is an all-natural drink without stabilizers and preservatives and depending on the physico-chemical reactions that take place during the primary and secondary fermentation, there may be a difference in the different batches, sometimes more acidic or more carbonated. In many cases, the way of storage on the way from production to your refrigerator also plays a role, but this does not indicate a different quality of the product. We guarantee that our product is alive.

The Green Tea kombucha from DALVITA is very tasty in itself, but if you want to experiment you can add ice, lemon, fruit or syrup to your liking and taste. Suitable for cocktails and food.

As a 100% natural product, Kombucha Green Tea from DALVITA can release sediment during its secondary fermentation, which is obtained in the bottle thanks to the residual oxygen, this is proof that you are consuming a live drink.

We recommend proper storage, which is in a cool and dark place or preferably in the refrigerator.